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In partnership with Studio Loci UK, Loci Asia provides consulting services for companies and individuals looking to develop in Japan. From land purchase, feasibility studies and surveys, through to master planning, detailed design, development applications and project management we can help you achieve the best result when developing in Japan.

The central ethos of Loci Asia is based on ‘whole system’ design and planning involving a highly collaborative approach between the fields of architecture, urban design, landscape, environmental sciences, engineering and construction.

Our holistic approach to place making reinforces established patterns, heritage and character. We add value through actively working with our clients and stakeholders to bring together knowledge from a diverse range of fields which contributes to achieving a successful outcome for all involved.

Loci Asiaはマスタープラニング、開発設計を行う事務所です。私達の理念は、ランドスケープアーキテクチャーやアーバンデザイン、環境科学、エンジニアリングとアートの全てを駆使し、地域の文化や資源、自然遺産、特性を活かしたシステム全体をデザインをすることです。また、デザインへお客様へ満足していただくような付加価値を生み出し、機能性や地域の特性と景観の美しさを維持しながら生物多様性に配慮したデザインを提案致します。

Our Services


Project Management

Contract Negotiation, Scheduling, Construction Administration and Supervision

Real Estate

Advisory services for Real Estate Investment in Japan utilizing GK-TK structure.


Design Development, Tender Documentation and Delivery


Master Planning, Development Application and Feasibility Study


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